ARCO 2020
ARCO 2020



Thematic Areas

Thematic Area 1 - Safety and Diagnostic

Topics on safety and diagnostic will include, but are not limited, to:

  • Structural analysis for damage assessment and risk prevention of artifacts
  • Assessment of multi-risk vulnerability of art collections
  • Innovative approaches and techniques for safety enhancement of art goods
  • Resilience of Museum Contents
  • Classification criteria aimed at protecting art collections
  • Simplified modeling of artifacts
  • FEM analysis of artifacts
  • Experimental analysis of artifacts
  • Design of proper devices for the seismic reliability of artifacts
  • Seismic isolation for art goods
  • Application to real case-studies

Thematic Area 2 - Design and Museum Design

Potential topics in this thematic Area may include but are not limited to:

  • Museum and exhibitions design: updating masterworks of the Modern.
  • The relationship between architect and curator and the effects on the architectural choices.
  • Temporary exhibitions vs permanent collections: the architect’s approach.
  • Adapting an old building to house a museum: case studies.
  • Famous architects face the question of museography.
  • Italian exhibition architecture in comparison with other international examples.
  • Exhibiting… what? Museum/exhibition architecture and the typology of objects/artworks to display.
  • Safety, management, and design of museums: current experiences and case studies.
  • Technologies, media, and publics from the designer pont of view: new challenges for architects.

Thematic Area 3 - Digital Heritage

This area would like to welcome all the contributions dedicated to share experiences conducted and/or designed for documentation, digitalisation, online and onsite presentation through digital media, the creation of digital reconstructions and the strengthening of educational communication through the tools of virtual and augmented realities. All the research and operational experiences that have seen through the use of surveying and/or digital representation techniques a key moment of their development are welcome as well. This area will is open to contributions about interventions on architectural artifacts and architectural spaces altered by time or events, on individual statues and statuary complexes, on collections, on museum structures and on archaeological finds, all those experiences that have seen the use of digital survey tools and digital media as a fundamental step are welcome in this thematic area.

Thematic Area 4 - Historical Research

The four is the thematic area dedicated to historical and archive research on collections, museum areas, museum buildings, the musealization of specific artworks and the story of their setup, individual statues and/or statuary groups.

Topics on "Historical Research" will include, but are not limited, to:

  • XXthcentury Modernism and the question of Cultural Heritage and museum/exhibition architecture.
  • Strategies of display between history and design in XXthcentury architecture. 
  • History of the display of collections or single artworks.
  • Historical development of museum sites.
  • Relationships between architects and curators or museum directors: case studies.
  • Adapting an old building to house a museum: case studies.
  • How famous architects face the question of museography.
  • Italian exhibition architecture compared with international experiences.
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