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In the occasion of the 1st ArCo Conference 2020, the Organizing Committee is proud to announce the activation of a special prize for posters

The contest is open to all the participant posters (with contents compliant to the subject of the call) who submitted their paper at the defined deadlines and completed their registrations, but also to any new participant interesting in taking part to the poster exhibition during the days of the conference (21-23 September 2020)


1st Price
500 €

2nd Price
300 €

3rd Price
200 €

Subject of the call:

Natural stones are the main actors of our architectural and artistic culture. The historical buildings of Italian towns and the masterpieces of classic and Renaissance art continuously remind us the importance that these materials have for our history and identity. Today natural materials go on being of most importance for our culture, representing an important source for constructing valuable work. The use of natural stones, nowadays, must be faced with a new awareness, as regards the value, the modernity and durability of the works, but even the protection of the territory, the need to have care of the material from its extraction to its eventual disposal. This poster session is dedicated to all the issues related to the potentialities and the complexities related to the world of natural stones, such as:

  • use of the natural stones for new buildings, art pieces and settings;
  • safety related to the stone extraction, transportation, manufacturing and works;
  • use of stone for interventions in historical art and cultural heritage;
  • recovery/reuse/enhancement of stone quarries;
  • circular use of the stone, from extraction to use and disposal;
  • conservation/restoration/enhancement of stone artifacts
  • “travelling stones:” the journey of natural stones for the realization of past and present artifacts (art, architecture, urban interventions, design)
  • new technologies and natural stones: solutions, uses and applications for architecture and design
  • stone quarry as a tourist must-see: museums, visitor center, and galleries
  • stone quarry and its territory yesterday and today: impacts of the mining activities in the lands, the relation with the communities, industrial architecture
  • classic and contemporary design: multiple uses of the natural stones

Each proposed research theme should have a multidisciplinary approach, facing at least three of the mentioned topics, and it has to be exposed through a poster, whose layout is described in the website in the section: (>Participating>Poster Submission).


  • The Layout and the modality to submit the poster will be the same as for all the other posters from author participating to the conference with a paper supported by a poster.
  • Participants with other previously submitted contents are admitted to the contest (thus the registration for them cannot switch from the regular to the simple “participant”.
  • Participants without other previously submitted contents are admitted to the contest
  • The poster can be authored by single or groups, the participation is free, in case one or more authors would like to take part to the workshop the registration fee will be “Participant”. Please see the registration fee at: (>Participating>Registration and Fees).
  • In case of elevate numbers of proposals or low-quality contents, the Organizing Committee reserve the option for a selection about the posters to be exhibited at the conference.
  • Feel free to write at is any further information is needed

The Poster Award is sponsored by CARRARA MARBLE WAY
and by the DiDaLabs System of the Florence University.

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